Get Back on the Road in No Time

Get Back on the Road in No Time

Auto repair services in the Marion, Cedar Rapids & Hiawatha, IA area

Driving a car that needs repairs can feel like waiting for a bomb to go off. You never know when your car might break down. Fortunately, A&M Auto, LLC is here to get your car running better than ever. You can trust the owner, Matt, to:

  • Inspect your vehicle to locate damage and mechanical issues
  • Replace your engine with a new one
  • Repair your suspension when your car starts to drift
  • Stop your brakes from pulling, grinding or vibrating

When your car starts giving you feedback, don't panic. Dial 319-654-2285 to speak with an experienced mechanic in Marion, Iowa.

Trust your car problems to a qualified professional

Matt has years of experience fixing cars in the Marion, IA area. If your car won't start or something isn't quite right with your brakes or suspension, you can trust him to fix the problem ASAP. Bring your car to A&M Auto as soon as you notice an issue.